Natalie Zeituny is a modern mystic, both an intuitive healer/ teacher and a technology business woman. Trained as an Energy Healer and Clairvoyant, she was ordained as a Minister at Psychic Horizons. Natalie taught and guided hundreds of clients. She offers clairvoyant readings/healing, coaching, meditations classes, conscious business counseling and talks worldwide, contact her: | 415.385.7818 | +972.52.692.0240

The Modern Mystic
Natalie is a modern mystic researching the intersection between human potential and the evolution of consciousness. As a pioneer and change-maker in the emerging field of Conscious Business™, she draws on her diverse personal and professional experience which encompasses science, systems thinking, eastern and western philosophy, Integral theory, evolutionary theories, healing medicine, Askashic records, shamanism, yoga and business management. Her journey with her clients enters into realms of mind, body, heart and soul which allows an unfoldment towards broader and deeper awareness. Deeper awareness naturally invites individuals and organizations to heal and express their power, beauty and unique creativity. Natalie is a certified life coach, Akashic Records Intuitive, Shaman, Reiki Master and dedicated yoga student. She is a published author and offers coaching, consultations, workshops, lectures and keynote presentations worldwide.

The Businesswoman
Natalie is a pioneer and change-maker in the emerging field of Conscious Business™ In 2006 she founded the Conscious Business Center™ (CBC), a visionary agency that partners with businesses, giving them the strategies, programs and systems they need to foster environmental quality and human welfare as they build solid profit. Natalie has over 18 years' experience in business strategy, process management and technology implementation. In 2002 she founded NZ Consulting, a management-consulting firm that has successfully advised corporations such as Apple, Yahoo, Palm, Seagate, Network Appliance, Brocade, Altera, BEA and Safeway on how to improve corporate goals and technology solutions. Natalie is the author of "Climbing the Ladder of Business Intelligence", which outlines how business can attain high performance through alignment of people, process, and technology. A graduate of Technion Engineering University in Israel, she now loves and lives in San Francisco, CA., where she is an advisor to several nonprofit organizations.